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Name:♥ Doctor Ichiro Irabu ♥
Birthdate:Apr 1



♥NAME♥ Doctor Ichiro Irabu
♥SERIES♥ Kuuchuu Buranko
Bear Mask

The form he generally greets patients in, his personality in this form is the most most childish. Regarded as immature and obscene, he enjoys playing with toys and loves nothing more then watching his nurse Mayumi administer vitamin shots to his patients. Despite how he acts he is STILL a brilliant psychiatrist and usually has his patient's best interests at heart.


Effeminate childish and playful, this is the form Dr. Irabu appears in most often while treating patients. He pushes them to confront their issues head on and urges them to use sometimes seemingly ridiculous or drastic measures. Like his other form he's also somewhat of a sadist.


Ironically his youngest looking form is also his most mature and serious. And while very mellow he'd still prone to bouts of silliness. It is in this form that he's most likely to make a diagnosis and ask his patients the real serious questions.

(more information is coming eventually)

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